Damaged drains can cause a host of issues, including flooding, sewage backup, and slow water. While there are many reasons why they can become damaged or clogged, it’s essential to address the situation as soon as possible and prevent further damage to both your home and your health. 

By reaching out to a reputable company in Bonita that specializes in emergency plumbing you can ensure the safety of your family. Otherwise, even a minor issue can escalate into huge trouble that can harm you and your home in many ways. Read on to learn more about the potential dangers. 

What are the dangers of blocked drains?

Tossing paper towels, wipes, food items, and other solid items can not only clog your drain but also cause structural damage to the system. Let’s see what harms it can cause:

How Damaged Drains Can Endanger Your Well Being

Structural damage

If certain telltale signs such as gurgling sounds or slow drainage are ignored for a while, there’s a high risk of significant structural damage to your home. If water can’t drain properly, it starts leaking and can wreak havoc inside your plumbing system.

Detecting the root cause and dealing with it efficiently is essential to prevent minor trouble from turning into a nightmare. 

Pest infestation

The buildup of organic particles in your drains is a real treat for different types of pests, such as ants, fruit flies, silverfish, cockroaches, and centipedes. Moreover, they thrive in a humid environment and will settle in before you know it, increasing the risk of various diseases being spread throughout your home. 

Microbes and bacteria

Water that doesn’t drain well and remains stagnant for a long period of time becomes a breeding ground for microorganisms and bacteria such as legionella, staph, campylobacter, typhoid, salmonella, E. coli, and more. They can easily start thriving in an untreated clogged drain and cause a range of health issues to the members of your family. 

Toxic gasses

When a plumbing system doesn’t function properly, poisonous gasses that are released by chemical cleaners, decaying food particles, stagnant water, human waste, and other stuff that ends up in drains can seriously damage your health and decrease indoor air quality in your home. This is another reason why acting promptly is essential to keep the safety of your living environment. 


What are the dangers of blocked drains

Mold thrives in humid and wet environments and clogged or damaged drains provide perfect conditions for its growth. In case you notice mold growth around your house, make sure you check for any leaks as this may be a sign of a leaky pipe in the wall. However, it’s necessary to contact professionals. They’ll use advanced and precise methods to detect the problem and deal with it efficiently. 

While it damages the aesthetics of your home, mold can also cause some serious health issues, including throat, eyes, or nose irritation, wheezing, headaches, sneezing or coughing, skin rash, lung irritation, and more.

Who in Bonita provides comprehensive emergency plumbing

Whether you’d like to learn more about the common causes of clogged drains or you’re wondering why it’s important to keep your plumbing system in optimal condition, reach out to San Diego Emergency Plumbing. Our team of highly trained, experienced, and dedicated professionals is ready to answer any questions you may have and provide you with swift and reliable solutions. 

Whether you’re facing an emergency or need us to tackle a minor issue, we’ll reach you promptly and apply our advanced equipment and proven methods to make sure your home is safe. Whether you need us around the Sweetwater River or in another area, you can count on us. Call today!